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Children's views

July 2017


The end of year survey with pupils showed that


  • the majority of children felt they have made good progress and enjoyed maths.
  •  they enjoyed challenges in maths and they liked learning times tables.
  • they also felt Maths would help them in their adult life.
  • most pupils said they were confident that they use the important grammar features in their writing.
  • pupils could say how they would use the literacy learning walls or folder to help if they were stuck.
  • The majority of pupils enjoyed reading;  they felt they were getting better at comprehension, when reading they learnt new things, and they enjoy interesting stories.
  • On reviewing our Core Values and Core learning skills most pupils can see how these have helped them over the year

Some examples of what the pupils said are:


-It has helped made me more independent.


- I am able to understand others more.


-It has helped me overcome my shyness.


-It has helped me settle into my new class.


June 2017

The children met with with Mrs Hutchings and Mrs Sargent a School Governor to discuss their learning.

They felt that having a learning partner helped them with their next steps and they liked having a challenge partner for some of their work.

They explained how they responded to the marking and felt that their work challenged them.The children could show how they had made progress in their work.

Their current favourite activity at school was the swimming sessions and studying Shakespeare.