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Well being Survey June 2016

Kingfisher class took part in a regional survey with primary schools on health-related matters.They were asked questions around healthy eating, exercise,safety, happiness,worries, enjoyment at school and home. Although we are a small school significant differences between Highwood and other schools were that pupils felt that adults involve them in decisions quite a bit at school and home and that the majority  ate fresh fruit either at breakfast or during the day.The majority of children also said that they enjoyed physical exercise and there was somewhere near where they live where they can play outside.

Our playground -Wednesday 4th May


During an assembly last week we discussed issues surrounding our playground. The children were concerned with the zoning of the playground and wanted to make sure everyone knew where they were able to play.

Through our conversation, we clearly set out the zones on the playground and discussed what games are to be played in which areas. A picture has been posted with this description, which outlines the areas we discussed. From here we are planning to re-paint the lines to better show the divisions as well as rejuvenating the games that are available to the children eg. Hop scotch. We are also going to be adding labels around the playground to make it clear what games are to be played in which areas. Any further suggestions for improvements will be welcomed.  

April 2016

Children's thoughts of how they are kept safe at Highwood