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British Values

British Values Policy


The Department of Education states that “Schools should promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs”


At Highwood Primary School British values are underpinned by the ethos and core values of our school. Our ‘Higher’ values, which were decided upon with the children are; Happiness, Independence, Graciousness, Healthiness, Excellence and Respect. Highwood Primary school pupils are ‘Always Aiming Higher’ which is achieved through our creative curriculum, assemblies and reinforced by our behaviour policy and reward system. 



There is a strong democratic system in place at Highwood Primary School. The elections of the Head Pupil, House Captains and the School Council members are based solely on pupil votes and are just some examples of democracy in action. Pupils are always listened to by adults and are taught to listen carefully, respecting the right of every individual to have their opinions heard.  Pupils are given opportunities to have their voices heard through our School Council, circle times and regular questionnaires on different aspects of school life. 


Rule of Law

The importance of laws whether they are those that govern the class, the school or the country, are consistently reinforced.  Each year, individual classes also discuss and set out their own rules in accordance with our Behaviour Policy. Class rules are clearly understood by all ensuring every class member is able to learn in a safe and happy environment.  Our pupils are taught the value and reasons behind laws and the responsibilities that this involves and the consequences when laws are broken.


Individual Liberty

Within school, pupils are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment.  At Highwood Primary we educate and provide boundaries for our pupils to make their own choices. Our pupils are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights and are given opportunities to voice their opinions, for example through weekly Class Conferences.


Mutual Respect 

‘Respect’ is one of our six core values. Our pupils were fully involved in the creation of this value and it is deeply embedded in all that we do at the school.  At Highwood Primary School children learn that their behaviours have an effect on their own rights and those of others. All members of the school community treat each other with respect. 


Tolerance of those with different Faiths and Beliefs. 

Our school enhances pupils understanding of different faiths and beliefs through assemblies, Religious Education, PSHE, History and Geography work. Beliefs, traditions and customs are studied in depth, with visitors being invited in to our school to enrich and extend understanding.  Through this our pupils gain an enhanced understanding of their place in a culturally diverse society.


Being Proud of our Country and Heritage 

In addition to the above, as a whole school we always utilise opportunities to take part in and learn about our British culture. 


Special events such as Royal weddings are commemorated with a school event. The school always holds Poppy Day celebrations with a Remembrance assembly held in school. 

Through History, pupils are taught about significant periods in British History and are encouraged to identify these in chronological order. We ensure a strong focus on the work of famous British figures both past and present. The children find it fascinating to learn about people from the past and in particular those who have had an impact on the world and our community.