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Parent views

March 2018

The teaching my child is receiving is excellent-we couldn't be happier with the progress.

We are delighted with the mid-term report and the progress made. This is due to the teaching.

My child loves the creative tasks and outdoor learning and this has brought my child on.

We can see the effects of interventions.

We are very happy with this report and the progress our child is making.

We are pleased with the report.Thank you for your patience.

July 2017

The school has done an amazing job...the children are happy...

Extra- curricular activities have been great and thoroughly enjoyed.

The teachers get to know the children well and can see their strengths and areas that need more encouragement.

The after schools clubs and forest school add a fantastic element to the learning.

An incredibly welcoming school.

March 2017

Report comments

Thank you for supporting my child and for your encouragement.

Thank you for keeping learning fun.

We are extremely happy with the teaching my child is receiving.

Feedback on the curriculum
I remember him talking about this at the time. He loves to investigate things further and this is a great way to introduce science in a fun hands on way!

We are so pleased that he is becoming more confident with his writing.

This is great, really good, fantastic thing to learn especially the CPR.

This is great his writing is really coming along, loves to write & draw now at home.

He loves school and his class we could not be happier, he is so happy and settled.

This is why I love this school, something different, he enjoys being outside.